11 Effective Nutritional Supplements to Fight COVID-19

The danger of the new COVID-19 was underestimated, so the virus has affected many countries and even entire continents. For this reason, scientists and civilians alike are focused on finding an answer to the question: how can the world bring the end of the pandemic closer?

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, at least 60 million people have been infected with it, of which 1.40 million have died. The spread of the Chinese virus is accompanied by a global crisis and, according to estimates of severity, scientists compare it with the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. According to the CDC, handwashing, and disinfection, as well as mask-wearing and social distancing, are the main ways of dealing with an invisible enemy.

Many also wonder if foods and nutritional supplements improve the immune system. While countries are developing a pre-COVID-19 vaccine, millions of people are using nutritional supplements, and you should join them if you want to stay more physically protected and potentially life-changing if you contract the virus. Read on to prepare for/or avoid the Coronavirus.


Probiotics are great for regular use due to their positive effects on gut health. Specialists often talk about the functions of the gut, so it needs special attention, and probiotics not only improve microbiota but also add anti-viral metabolites.
11 Effective Nutritional Supplements to Fight COVID-19


As a member of the daisy family, this element improves a person’s immune health. Experts have proven the antiviral properties of Echinacea, which also fights respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is a great method to combat Covid-19.
11 Effective Nutritional Supplements to Fight COVID-19

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is considered to be one of the best nutritional supplements for improving your immune system, not to mention other benefits. Amazingly, millions of people in the world are deficient in vitamin D, and they do not even know about it.
11 Effective Nutritional Supplements to Fight COVID-19


Garlic is a popular ingredient that we add to many dishes. Bad breath is a small drawback, and it will go away once you learn about the beneficial properties of this ingredient. Garlic fights bacteria and viruses and stimulates the appearance of white blood cells. This is why garlic becomes popular during pandemics.


Black Elderberry is a herbal medicine that our ancestors used to fight various infections. In recent years, elderberry has gained recognition as a leading antibacterial agent. The advantage is that this element has shown itself to be the best in the fight against infections and viruses of the respiratory tract.
11 Effective Nutritional Supplements to Fight COVID-19

Omega-3 fatty acids

If you care about your heart health and want to keep your arteries clean, Omega-3 fatty acids are the way to go. What’s more, these elements slow down the formation of plaque along with the likelihood of heart attack/stroke.


Multivitamins are a versatile tool that renews all of your health systems. By adding them to your daily diet, you are combining several powerful supplements that improve your chances when it comes to fighting viruses and infections.

Vitamin C

This type of vitamin is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It helps the body fight infections by renewing old cells with new ones. Besides, vitamin C plays an important role when it comes to fighting upper respiratory infections.


It is the most effective and strongest ingredient in turmeric. The good news is that it compliments most meals, and you get many positive effects every day since the spice has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system.

11 Effective Nutritional Supplements to Fight COVID-19


This amazing ingredient can be found in the sealant of beehives. The structure of propolis is similar to the structure of resin, however, you get more beneficial qualities that enhance immunity and actively fight various bacteria.

Medicinal mushrooms

For centuries, people have been using medicinal mushrooms to fight infections and serious illnesses. It is a wide variety of mushrooms (lion’s mane; shitake; turkey tail) that improve your immune system. Recent studies have shown that these mushrooms even help with lung issues like asthma.

11 Effective Nutritional Supplements to Fight COVID-19