9 substitutes for a surgical mask if you don’t have one

During the tough times of the pandemic, you don’t need to look or feel boring. Use a bit of creative approach to brighten up your self-isolation, just as Max Siedentopf does.

Max is a Namibian-German visual artist and the founder of Ordinary Magazine. When he was 25 he became the youngest ever partner of the “legendary and unorthodox” creative agency Kesselskramer where he was a creative director.

Now Max is based in London and keeps finding inspiration even in the depressing times of the pandemic. A lack of surgical masks is one of the most urgent problems today, and some people try to invent their own substitutes for these medical items. Max made a collection of posters that show how ingenious people can become in extreme situations. Some of these posters look really ridiculous, but they are all based on real-life situations.

5 L water bottles. It’s a scientific fact: plastic masks protect you from the virus much better than the textile or paper ones. And make you look a bit like a welder as well.

If you don’t have a 5 L bottle, a smaller one will do. It might be a Pepsi bottle or a milk carton, no one really cares. Feel free to experiment with shapes and colors.
9 substitutes for a surgical mask if you don’t have one

The medical alcohol kills the coronavirus for sure. What if the smell of feet can do the same? You can only find out if you try. Hopefully you have an impressive collection of sneakers to choose from.

Are you a vegan? Do you believe in homeopathy? Some people say veggies can cure us better than any pharmaceutical preparation. Shall we test this theory right now?

A Nutella mask will save you not just from COVID-19, but from hunger as well. You’ll be walking around breathing the wonderful sweet aroma, and if you stick out your tongue just a bit, you’ll be able to taste the dessert.
9 substitutes for a surgical mask if you don’t have one

A solution that was designed to protect you from STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancies is very likely to protect you from COVID-19 as well. You’d better choose a durable one and without lubrication.

Every lady has this solution in her closet, available in a variety of colors and styles, from casual to sensual. Let’s call it “a new sincerity”.

Who said plastic bags are the main evil of our time? They can save our lives! They come in one size, they are unisex, and they are equally available to people of all walks of life.
9 substitutes for a surgical mask if you don’t have one

This is the most sophisticated option, the hottest look of the season. You have the right to consider yourself a fashionista if you owe this.