Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

To be overweight for a Hollywood celebrity is almost a death sentence for the career. The stars who are fat according to society get too much attention from the paparazzi and all the problems of their figure are discussed by the media. So it’s no surprise that Hollywood is full of stories of “miraculous transformations”. Someone loses tens of pounds to get even more fame, and somebody is mocking his/her body for a role in a movie. Here’s a list of 9 celebrities who have lost an extremely huge body weight.

Seth Rogen

Funny fatty Seth Rogen is a great example, how fame can change people. The actor began to work out with his trainer and lost more than 30 lbs in the 9 months. Just have a look at his photos before and after the miraculous transformation of his body!
Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

Britney Spears

The pop princess of the 90s disappeared from magazine covers in 2004 because she was pregnant. Britney Spears came back on stage with a few dozen extra pounds. Her attempts to lose weight alone didn’t have significant results. Then the celebrity called on a popular fitness trainer and thus she achieved success. Many of her fans say that now the singer looks even better than at the beginning of her professional career.
Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

Kevin Smith

In 2018, the actor & director suffered a heart attack. At that time, Kevin Smith was overweight. After leaving the hospital, the Hollywood celebrity began to work on his body until his weight became less than 200 lbs. Wow, he is a superhero!
Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

Jessica Simpson

After the birth of the child, the celebrity gained extra weight and could not lose it for a long time. That’s what Jessica was really worried about. But one day, a Hollywood star decided to transform her body. Her fans were shocked when they first saw the new Jessica. As it turned out, the secret to her weight loss was simple. The celebrity worked out four times every day in the gym with her instructor and ate healthy food only.
Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

Zach Galifianakis

At the premiere of a Hollywood movie, Zach shocked his colleagues and fans. Galifianakis has lost three sizes at least and now looks like a brutal macho, not a cheerful fat man. Unfortunately, the actor has not commented on his miraculous transformation and did not disclose a secret how he lost so much weight in a short time.


The singer had a strict meal and workout schedule that cannot be changed from under any circumstances. First of all, her trainer demanded Adele to reduce the number of calories she eats. And the singer’s workouts included a mix of pilates and core-strength exercises.Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

Chris Pratt

He lost about 70 lbs for the Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor decided to do it to become Star-Lord, join the Avengers team and become an idol for millions of fans around the world. Chris was sharing his progress with followers via social networks. He shot his workouts, gave tips in comments and did an online training diary. The actor said that he needed to drink a lot of water and must go to the toilet at least three times before 10 am.
Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

Kelly Osbourne

A few years ago, her fans were very surprised.  Kelly Osbourne had lost almost 60 lbs. It wasn’t diets and workouts that helped the celebrity to achieve such a transformation of her body, but her participation in the “Dancing with the Stars”. The fact is that the show organizers gave an ultimatum to the celebrity and informed her how many pounds of extra weight she should lose. After six months of workout with her personal trainer, no alcohol and fast food, the celebrity became such a slim as she had never been before in her life.
Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight

Joaquin Phoenix

Before filming “Joker”, the actor lost 52 lbs. The diet of the celebrity consisted only of fruits and vegetables. All the time, Joaquin Phoenix was monitored by physicians during such an intense weight loss. The result was unbelievable. Just look at the picture on the right!
Hollywood celebrities who have incredibly lost weight