Princess Diana’s best looks

Fashion trends are changing, but there are style icons whose wardrobe is timeless. Princess Diana is one of these women, along with First Lady Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn. The release of the “The Crown” series by Netflix has once again brought attention to her legendary personality and her sense of style. Princess Di was perfect not only in her policies but also in fashion, and some of her looks were outside the time in which she lived.

Even after her divorce from Charles, Diana remained the most popular woman of her time. The influence of the princess on fashion is still strong. Diana is the main landmark and fashion icon of the 1980s. She was a combination of glamor and royal sophistication. Below are the most famous Diana details that have made her a style icon.

  1. Christina Stambolian dress

The off-shoulder black Christina Stambolian dress is one of her most popular and best-known looks. Princess Di was seen in this dress after her divorce. But from the photos, it looks like she’s happy and doing well.
Princess Diana's best looks

  1. Catherine Walker falcon’ dress

For a friendly visit to Saudi Arabia, Lady Di chose the breathtaking gown fit decorated with the gold falcon. Thus, the princess, who looked like a queen in this dress, paid tribute to Eastern culture. Doesn’t this remind you of Michelle Obama’s style?

  1. David Sassoon & Lorcan Mullany dress

The world saw Princess Diana wearing this dress in the summer of 1991. Due to Di, the bold white straps and graceful draping became a trend at the time. This dress showed the importance of detail for the princess.

  1. Velvet dress by Victor Edelstein

Remember how much attention in those days the media paid to this White House gala dinner? The main photos that were placed on the covers of magazines were of Diana dancing with John Travolta. The elegant black dress, worn by the princess that evening, was later sold at a charity auction for almost $350,000.
Princess Diana's best looks

  1. Sequins velvet dress by Catherine Walker

Diana made many fashionistas change their attitude towards such dresses. The green velvet dress by Catherine Walker dressed by the princess looked exquisite and, most importantly, not trashy. The right shoes plus clutch made her look 100% harmoniously complete.

  1. Bruce Oldfield metallic silver dress

It was one of Lady Di’s most memorable dresses. This choice was a bold one considering the backless detail. But exactly this nuance made that princess look so popular and coveted by many fashionistas.

  1. Slinky Versace dress

This slinky Versace dress looked perfect on Diana because of her graceful figure. This look matched the princess superbly, as many fashion critics noted at the time.

  1. Evening dress by Catherine Walker

Diana wore this dress with a tailcoat in 1991 when she visited Korea. The princess appeared as a self-confident boss woman, and at the same time, thanks to the floral detailing, she looked very elegant. This look from the Princess of Wales showed that even a businesswoman could have a beautiful style.
Princess Diana's best looks

  1. Chiffon cocktail dress by Zandra Rhodes

Lady Di wore this exquisite white chiffon dress to the Birthright benefit that took place at the London Palladium. Nowadays, such an outfit would be suitable for a party or some festive event.

  1. Catherine Walker pink suit with purple detailing

Diana adored monochrome suits made by Catherine Walker. The princess complemented such an outfit with shoes and a clutch of exactly the same color. That look was no exception to the princess’ style rules.

  1. Diana’s everyday look

In 1988, Diana wore jeans, boots, a jacket, and a blue baseball cap to a polo match. At the time, if you remember, she was not yet divorced and officially had the title of princess. That’s why she was so beloved – she ignored unwarranted luxury if common sense demanded jeans and a cap instead of a glamour hat. A lot of celebs are still copying the casual look of the British style icon.

  1. Green suit by Victor Edelstein

Attentive fans of statistics argue that this particular green suit was Diana Spencer’s favorite. The fact is that the princess was seen in public dressed in this outfit 12 times. Together with this suit, Diana mostly wore kitten heels, which thus were comeback to fashion trends.