Top 8 strange Asian dishes

For any traveller, Asia is probably the dreamland. It has everything that other countries do not. You can meet the atmosphere that flies around you while climbing Asian mountains over the crystal lake. The main reason except for unique nature, is its culture, for sure. People go there to meet with many traditions, beliefs, foundations, etc. However, for many people, Asia just seems too strange. And it is true in some way, especially considering some of their food. Today, we would like to tell you about the top 8 weirdest dishes in Asia.

Durian, Thailand

Due to the terrible smell, durians cannot be carried on planes and other vehicles. In addition, you cannot take it into hotels and many other public places. The disgusting smell of the fruit cannot be removed for a long time, even using various fresheners or cosmetics. Because of that reason, durian is rarely found in countries where it does not grow. Actually, those who tried it say that the taste is not so bad.
Top 8 strange Asian dishes

Cobra Heart, Vietnam

This dish is not only an exquisite delicacy but also a whole ritual rooted in antiquity. However, now it is more likely not a ritual, but something like a fascinating performance for inexperienced tourists – for which, as you might guess, you need to pay a lot of money.

Birds Nest Soup, China

Swiftlet nests consist practically of saliva, without any impurities or plant inclusions. Due to this fact, birds are valued – their nests are a delicious delicacy in Chinese cuisine. The most popular dish is “swallow’s nest soup”, which is a gelatinous stew with a specific taste.
Top 8 strange Asian dishes

Fugu, Japan

“The one who eats fugu is a fool, but also the one who does not eat, too,” is a popular proverb in Japan. Fugu is a true legend of Japanese cuisine, which is the subject of horror, curiosity, and lust for gourmets around the world. It is really popular due to its meat that has a lot of poison. Eating this fish is more feels like a lottery.

Bat Soup

Some peoples believe that the meat and blood of bats increase potency and the chances of longevity, improve vision, cure coughs, and arthritis.


Insect dishes are an inexpensive source of protein, which is why they are so popular in Asia, especially in the northeastern provinces. In terms of calorie content, they are superior to meat. For example, a hundred grams of beef contains as much protein as a hundred grams of grasshoppers, and the percentage of fat in the latter is three times less. Because of their shells, insects are prized as a source of calcium. You must try insects because they surpass other foods in the number of vitamins and minerals.
Top 8 strange Asian dishes

Arachnids, Cambodia

In Cambodia, you can find traders with trays full of palm-sized black tarantulas. This is a local delicacy. There is more meat in them than in grasshoppers, but along with the meat, the contents of their stomachs and rectum get into your mouth.
Top 8 strange Asian dishes

Sannakji, South Korea

If you have never seen this meal, you will definitely think, “It is Alive!” Yes, you should spill the special sauce on the cooked octopus, and it will move its tentacles.